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The Good Die Twice. Editorial Reviews.

Download it. Two Birds A Short Mystery. Nothing is Always Something. Basil has organised a party at the hotel - and you are all invited. Suddenly, the cup is stolen, and, even worse, there is a shocking murder in the Boutique. The question is: Can you solve the crime and bring the murderer to justice….

Fatal Liaison (Mystery)

But when someone sabotages the test- tubes and a shocking death is announced, foul play is suspected! He seeks help from the local witch, soothsayer and wise- woman 'Old Mother Plucker', but fete plays a cruel hand just as he is about to inherit. But just what is 'Old Mother Plucker' really up to?

Who invited the French woman Lady Eleanor? And what has happened to Sir Richards missing brother, Sir Lance- a- boil? But the party quickly turns sour when a murder occurs! Will Det. Sidney get to the bottom of things with Babs, the French Maid? Can Hanniball, the man hungry man- servant, finally get something to sink his teeth into?

And will YOU catch the killer before they can strike again?

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