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I hope you're young else you are wasting a life-time of opportunity. Do you ever wonder if there is "more"? Yes there is - l earn the difference between sex and love-making and you will know how much more. Our love and intimacy is the subject of our writing click my name and we are so lucky that, even at 63 me and 66 we still have a wonderful intimacy, making love more than twice in the average week and occasionally even more often. I was even asked by my daughter in law if it was true we made love up to ten times per month. Her experiences were down to once or twice.

I suppose we have an undying love for each other and make the time to set aside special periods to experience each other.

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When you are retired you can do that more easily than as a business people or busy family people. The difference between having sex and making love is huge. You can have the first without the second, but making love lifts every sensation and experience to its ultimate pleasure.

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I mentioned no more than that I was a writer and people could find me if they wished. You, however, had nothing to say, did not read the serious message in my post about love into old age and are, in fact scared to even provide your name. If you think I give a shit about one or two extra sales of my book and would go to all that trouble to promote it you are a bigger moron than I actually though you were.

Some people are interested in back stories to answers on this site and I could have cut and pasted whole sections from my writing. In fact my writing can be read for nothing on my blog, which earns me two or three bottles of wine per month so don't accuse me of now plugging that.

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I retired from my own business and am extremely well off and married to a man who was once a captain of industry, also very wealthy. You need to grow up, prick. This is a question and answer forum, not your own personal rant blog.

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Anonymous idiot! You are obviously a privileged bore that married well and you now believe that that has somehow translated into life wisdom that you can bestow, generously, unto the great unwashed.

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BTW: I looked at your website. It is nothing but another B.

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Sorry to other readers. You have my sincere apologies as I appear to have dragged a troll down upon us. I don't need to defend myself as I am guarded in innocence and genuine intentions whereas the aggressive troll has nothing to offer but hate, hurt and nastiness. I fear that this thread is so badly hijacked by him that participating within it is no longer worthwhile.

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Love is the most important emotion in the world. It is so sad that some people are so mentally disturbed that they can do nothing but attempt to destroy or decry it. His accusation that my comments are self promotion are of course incorrect which is why I have logged in as a different name with no links. It won't make any difference, of course, he'll still attack me so this will also be my last post on this thread or it will just encourage him further.

Inn for nuisance but silently silent blaming me or you ,express your self but no apologies. Be better than?? Mr Anonymous has unearthed a lot of anger in you judging by your unlaidy like response. Some people are too afraid to reveal their inner self unless they are drunk or anonymous and must not be dismissed as being worthless. I have enjoyed your texts, Angela It seems that attempting to separate "having sex" from "making love" is dualistic thinking.

These two concepts are not two distinctly different behaviors or emotional states of being. There is an infinite gradient between the two. What each of two people or more may feel may fall somewhere in between and only the people involved can feel where within the two extremes they may experience. You are obviously narrow minded aka stupid. The author is not arguing you have to be in love to make love, or vice-versa.

These two things can be mutually exclusive, though one can aid in the development of the other. Perhaps you don't want to call it this, or you've never experienced such a thing, but sex with love i. At least this has been my own experience and the OP seems to echo my sentiments. Making love allows me to feel the other person as if their body was my own. I think this is what the OP refers to when they correlate to cliches such as "two bodies as one", etc. While I'm making love I don't desire for gratification of oneself; it's more arousing to satisfy the other.

This act may not always be reciprocal, that's not the point, but when it is it's an experience which goes beyond any sexual experience lacking of such "love". I don't see this as a romantic notion and I can experience this whether I'm "in love" or not. The feelings one will express seem to me more a matter of cognitive being and empathy; perhaps you'd call this mental state romanticism but I prefer to call it chemistry. Agreed this article is just another piece of liberal b.

The media is always trying to make the white man look bad and this is yet another passive aggressive type of example that is trying to sneakily do it. The media tells us that latins and black. And supposedly we have less capacity to fell "love" as if love is even something that can really even be shown!

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And this article is doing just that. Trying to tell us that their are different levels of sex and by the message mixing with what the libtard media says they're basically trying to subtly imply that white men don't reach those levels. Typical PC crap! Im so sick of all this sneaky anti-white B. Even evidently on articles about sex! I had to censor this post because I was blocked by the "spam filter".

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Guess the owners of this site don't like hearing the truth! I forgot to add this in my post but: for example did you ever notice that all the viagra commercial actors are WHITE?. Now why do you think this is? It's not an accident. They purposefully use only white men to put the idea in peoples heads that white men are reproductively inferior.

They are constantly trying to send a message that white men are bad at sex, have small penises, are less fertile than other races, have more difficulty getting it up etc. The anti-white agenda is absolutely everywhere you look but the libtards have made people so blinded to it that whites are being exterminated as speak but no one even cares!

Now, why do you think that is? Reading anything more into the choice of actors is silly. As well as incorrect, because the most recent run of commercials has an Af-Am couple Straight, White men are wonderful. I know because I'm with one now but the one area, in my experience, that they fall short is in the area of lovemaking. There is a reason Black and Latinos have a reputation for being hot lovers.

They simply are.