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He is also author of non-fiction books - Napoli Longanesi, , with G. Nazzaro , Marinetti e i futuristi Garzanti, , with G. Nazzaro , Capri Feltrinelli, e , with L. Vergine and E. Napoli Avagliano, , with G.

Sonda, , with A. He is presently editing the eight volumes of a Storia fotografica di Roma Intramoenia, Marta Franceschini works and lives in Bologna, Italy. The author: Paolo Ferrari is a scientist specialized in nerve-centre activities, an artist and a musician. He is the author of several theatre and literature books. In the top five selection of P. Club Italia Award. A closed gate is a metaphor for the exclusion fate of women generations - the novel describes with a smooth and light style, and a hyronic touch, a story turning into a drama.

The novel has been awarded with the "Fiorino d'Argento" at the Premio Firenze. Claudia Patuzzi La stanza di Garibaldi.

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A true story, reconstructed by means of a series of letters from an old uncle and his young nephew — the author - and follows a circular line of events of the 20th century — World War I and its aftermath, the rise of Fascism and World War II, up to the present days. The circular story is developed within a triangular space — between Bruxelles, Paris and Southern Italy. Claudia Patuzzi lives in Rome where she teaches Italian literature.

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She is authpr of studies and essays, mainly about Calvino and Leopardi. This is not her first novel. Mario Lunetta I nomi della polvere. Series: Pretesti Piero Manni Editore p. In the top five selection of Bergamo Award. The novel. Disappearances, unlikely pursuits, a suicide, overpowering passions, incurable wounds — a story that might be read as a feuilleton , from an alienated and paradoxical point of view, with a missing and intangible protagonist, a kaleidoscope of possible and virtual events that could turn into a derisory catastrophe.


The author. Mario Lunetta Rome is a prolific writer, with a large production of novels, poems and essays. His challenge to conventional literary views often takes the form of comedy and parody. ISBN The book Dario Fo, Nobel prize, and Alda Merini, the greatest living Italian poet, in a dialogue of unique poetical contents. Both live in Milan and discover to share passions, loves, hopes, friends, dreams, though from different experiences and two different ways of being artist — the voce by one side Dario Fo and his theatrical performances — the moon by the other side — the ever-changing poetry by Alda Merini.

The DVD-Rom A video shows in images the contents of the books, with an appendix of additional poems, sounds and voices. If madness shows itself in so many ways, there must be many ways to tell it. This decalogue of stories puts tiogether different forms of madness by using different styles of writing. Institutional madness with a parabolic course, schizophrenia with a polyphony of conflicting voices, bipolar syndrome with a creative plot, megalomaniac delirium with interior monologue, etc.

Manni Editore, pp. The novel is selected for the Italian prize Premio Bari A novelist and an essayist, one of the most important Italian contemporary writers, Giuseppe Cassieri Rodi Garganico, Foggia was awarded with prestigious prizes and has worked for TV as well as for many influential Italian newspapers La Stampa, Il Messaggero, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. Novels by Cassieri translated abroad:. The characters are a delight, the scenes with the various quacks hilariously funny. It will give enjoyment to many readers.

Ram is looking for a victim, he's already on her track.

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Randy and Robby are acting without any plan in their minds. They are in search of an enemy, whatever, someone on whom to vent their anger. They claim to be fascist, racist, violent, while they are only predestined victims. Vanni de Simone is author of science fiction and ghost stories. He also works as script writer and diretor for the Italian radio network.

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She wanted to taste every single moment, each instant, every single emotion. How many men must she have had? And how many of them had really covet her?

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Three Somali women. Aisha, the youngest in her family, lives her difficult but possible integration. Aunt Barni has been living in Italy for many years even if she is still attached to Somali traditions and values. Nevertheless Rhoda lives the most suffered experience.

Igiaba Scego was born in Rome in She is one of the first and youngest Italian female writers among second generation immigrants. Thanks to her deep attachment to Somali culture and events, her first novel embodies an absorbing witness of migrant literature written in Italian. Some stories of hers — e. At the moment, she is working on an antology about migrant literature. Finally they will find a new and stable existence, the elder sister thanks to the engagement with a compatriot, the younger one to a love that might result to be ephemeral, but remains important as it is the first one.

Their new roots, nourished from the minimal reality of their daily life, become deep enough to endure in time. Beatrice Solinas Donghi, born in from an English mother and a father from Genoa, is the author of two novels - L'uomo fedele and Le voci incrociate - and several short stories.

She is also an appreciated writer of books for children and young adults, including the recent trilogy of Alice published in the series "Delfini" - RCS that was awarded with different literary prizes. Collected from a number of different sources - journals, newspapers, notebooks - the texts are partly fiction and partly diaries, covering different decades of the 20th century including the years of war and prison in a German lager. Roberto Rebora published several collections of poems; his first work was published by Guanda in It learns to identify the cries of animals and the noises of a savage forest.

There he experiences death and tries to reject it - fighting against humans and their main deeds. His outcry of pain and rebellion sounds sharply, while bloody events develop.


A pitiless projects slowly takes form - in the eyes of two boys, in a moment in time, a cruel truth become obvious. Giuseppe Manca was born in Alghero, Sardinia. After graduating in graphic art, he decided to look for new paths. While continuously travelling, he worked on texts and paintings. In the United States he graduated in psychology. She likes playing football much more than making herself up or dressing sexy like the other girls of her age. Winner of the Trosi Prize for comic writing.

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Egidia Bruno is an actress and a playwright. She has taken part in several comic television shows of great success and has won several prizes for her theatre plays and shows.

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Lello Arena is a well-known comic actor. One can follow here his fifty year production the first story dates back to , while the last one was written in and discover his way of working with narrative matter and language, to write intense, moving and ironic pages. Antonio Pizzuto wrote mostly in the '60s. He is considered one the greatest Italian authors of the second half of the 20th century. Among his works: Signorina Rosina , Si riparano bambole ; , Paginette ; Some of his works have been translated into French L'Age d'Homme. Angelo M.