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This essay takes up the examination and assessment of these two theories, with especial regard to their communalities, their differences and their relevance for social work practice. Due regard is given to the implications of anti-oppressive practice.

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The crisis theory states that it is important for people to resolve their crises situations and experiences in order to cope with new developments and crises Aguilera, , p If individuals are unable to resolve their earlier crises, they become more vulnerable to inability to resolve new crises. Individuals who learn new skills to resolve their crises are on the other hand strengthened in coping with future crisis situations Aguilera, , p Human beings have considerable capacities for handling or dealing with difficult situations.

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It is only when such difficulties assume significant proportions and people do not have appropriate resources, personal, emotional, social, spiritual or physical, to deal appropriately with stressful circumstances or events that they become involved in crises. Difficult or stressful events do not by themselves result in crisis situations Aguilera, , p Crises are actually determined by the responses of individuals to specific stressful circumstances or events and their responses to them.

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  • Crises develop only when individuals perceive specific events to be significant and threatening, try to handle such events with their usual coping strategies without success, and are not able to use other alternatives Aguilera, , p Behavioural and psychological experts perceive crises to be akin to states of psychological disequilibrium. Individuals experiencing crises are likely to experience a range of emotions like feelings of apprehension, anxiety, fear, guilt and helplessness Nash, et al, , p Other indicators include alterations in eating and sleeping patterns, activity and energy levels and ability to concentrate.

    People in crises are also commonly known to suffer from depression and withdraw from social intervention Nash, et al, , p Social work experts argue that whilst the majority of crises run their course or reach some semblance of stability within one or two months, it is necessary for skilled intervention to take place to strengthen the coping mechanisms of individuals. The failure to do so will result in the existence and continuance of crisis associated behaviours, even as the opportunity for change will be forgone Nash, et al, , p People in crisis often have little by way of solutions and are receptive to external help and assistance Roberts, , p The provisioning of skilled intervention by social work practitioners during the occurrence of the crises can result in opportunities for individuals experiencing crisis to learn new skills, achieve beneficial behavioural change, and regain stability.

    Individuals who have been able to successfully cope with crises are strengthened by such experiences and can use their skills in future times of difficulty Roberts, , p Crisis intervention is essentially a professional response that is limited in terms of time and is used to assist individuals, families, and groups Hepworth, et al, , p Social workers aim to assess the openness of individuals experiencing crises to learning of new skills and mechanisms for coping. They also help individuals in reducing their feelings of helplessness, isolation, and distress and use social resources to help in restoring individuals to their prior functional levels, as soon as practically possible Hepworth, et al, , p Crisis intervention can be specifically segregated into 7 stages, namely a establishment of communication and development of feelings with individuals that circumstances can become better, b assessment of situation, c exploration of available strengths and resources, d goal setting with the use of such strengths and resources, e implementation of plan, teaching of new skills and mobilisation of other support if required, f evaluation and adjustment of the plan and g follow up and termination of relationship Hepworth, et al, , p It is important for social workers to be skilled in crisis intervention because of the constant demand upon them for helping people in crisis situations Roberts, , p Social workers are liable to encounter clients with diverse needs, which may in turn require research, strategic planning and the providing of individualised person centred support Roberts, , p The nature of crisis intervention work also calls for confidentiality and emotional separation in order to deliver services in a professional manner Roberts, , p The task centred approach emerged in response to the slow and inadequate results that were being achieved through traditional casework methods Reid, , p Cart Continue Shopping.

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      To learn more about our e-book service, please refer to our FAQs. Categories: Social Sciences , Social Work. Request a sample. Ebook - 04 April Show More. The Task-Centred Book is a core text for both undergraduate social work courses and continuing professional development training, as well as being a practical book for the active professional which will support the development and implementation of task-centred practice.

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      The Task-centred Book. Peter Marsh , Mark Doel. Case studies are used throughout the book to build on the experiences of practitioners and the people with whom they have worked, demonstrating practical skills for: study and analysis teaching and learning practicing task-centred social work review and continuing development. Why study practice?

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      Taskcentred practice. The taskcentred model.

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      Taskcentred work in varied settings. Evidence of learning.

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